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Shark Patrol Redux Introduction

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With the coming of a new year, I have decided to expand this site just a bit.  While I quite enjoy and will continue to write long-form blog entries the fact of the matter is that they require inspiration and time, neither of which is ever particularly predictable.  However, I do come across things on a very regular basis that while not necessarily being the bedrock for a long "think piece" are nonetheless the type of thing I’d like to share.

Which brings me back to “Shark Patrol,” which was a stand-alone blog and DJ series that I curated at the beginning of the aughts.  “Shark Patrol” had themed days,  Food,(“Eat This”), Music (“Listen To This”),  Books/Magazines (“Read This”), TV/DVD/Movies (“Watch This”) and Event Tips (“Go To This”).  It was fun but a bit overambitious given everything else happening in my life at that time and ultimately the one thing that had to go once everything was inventoried and assessed was the non-moneymaker.  Adios, “Shark Patrol.”  Down to the cyber version of Davey Jones’ s Locker.

But, I have always enjoyed writing shorter reviews.  One of “Shark Patrol’s” shortcomings was my lack of brevity.  What began as a capsule paragraph would inevitably be fueled by my enthusiasm for the subject into a longer feature.  Passionate?  Sure, but not exactly time efficient.  Given my own self-self-dictated goal it was not perhaps my most disciplined writing, but you live and learn.  As the adage with regard to harmless failure goes, “Well, nobody died.”

So, the "Shark Patrol" ethos returns, though with no structured schedule or formula of topics.  if I come across something interesting or innovative or something I just think is cool I’ll give it a quick once over.  Initially, I’ll blast these missives over the usual social network platforms and then gauge the interest from there.  As always, you’re welcome and encouraged to subscribe to tomkielty.com.  Eventually the “Shark Patrol Redux” component may go that route, but one thing it will always be is free.  Fear not in that regard, and keep your eyes on the water…




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