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I am a professional writer with experience across a wide range of platforms. After spending a significant portion of my professional career in journalism I have had the pleasure of widening the scope of my writing skills with more focus on online audience engagement, blogging, social media, monitoring user behavior, and writing in an analytical style. I am a strategic thinker, with the ability to work with others to put together robust, detailed plans and I am passionate and enthusiastic about the written word, with the ability to speak and present articulately and convincingly. What I do best is convey a clear and concise message.


-Exemplary ability to write, edit and research.
-Outstanding time management and organizational skills.
-Ease and comfort with daily deadlines as well as ever-evolving longer term needs.
-Proven professional writing, public presentation, and group communication/facilitation skills.
-Fluency in emerging digital editorial practices and tools.

Action Jackson: Luscious Jackson's Kate Schellenbach on Blondie, basketball, and building her own musical all-star team

Kate Schellenbach is cool. Cool not because, after starting the fanzine Cheap Garbage for Snotty Kids in the early '80s, she was the first to take a seat behind the drum set for the Beastie Boys. Not because nearly 10 years later Luscious Jackson, the band she formed with friends from New York clubs like Hurrah and Tier 3, was the first band signed to the Beasties' Grand Royal label. Not even because since putting Luscious together the band has shared stages with the likes of Bettie Serveert, Ur

Newport BridgeFest: Bridging the Gap

Despite the illustrious histories of both the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals, there was for many years something missing. So, in 2008, Newport’s BridgeFest was born. The Newport-centric event provides a variety of music throughout Newport County that links the two iconic events. Originated by Newport’s Arts and Cultural Alliance, it now falls under the auspices of the Newport Festival Foundation providing an even more concrete connection. Jill Davidson, director of the Newport Festival Founda
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